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Manual Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer user defined attributes

In order to export extra attributes in Inventor on the "user-defined" tabbed page, do the following

  1. Open the configuration file ifadeskinv.cfg.

  2. Apply the following blocks:


    In this example, the key "Extra" is applied and will export the attribute "LINA" (BOM-list).

    Optionally you can also define the language of the attribute.


  3. Save the changes and open PARTadmin.

    In addition, you now have the tabbed page (or block) "CadDocumentAttributes" with the "Extra" attribute available.

  4. Results located in Inventor under iProperties on the "User defined" tabbed page.

    iProperties -> Tabbed page "User defined"

    iProperties -> Tabbed page "User defined"