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Manual Installation of AutoCAD 2014 interface

As of PARTsolutions V9.07 AutoCAD 2014 is supported.


When loading the Plugin DLL with NETLOAD an error message appears.


In order to avoid the error message proceed as follows:

  1. In the Options dialog box of AutoCAD open the tree Trusted Locations.

  2. Click on "Browse" or "Add". Normally "Browse" is easier.

  3. Enter the path to the plugin directory.




    Possibly an error message shows up that the directory is not write protected. Ignore this message an confirm the action.

Test the installation:

  1. In the command line of AutoCAD enter "NETLOAD".

  2. In the dialog box select the plugin DLL.

  3. Click Open.

    Now the plugin should be started.

  4. Exit AutoCAD and restart the application.

    From now on the plugin should be automatically loaded.