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Manual Add categories to attribute mapping

For the attribute mapping you can group the single attributes in categories and optionally assign an attribute type.

Perform the settings as follows:

  1. At first, in the block [CadDocumentAttributes], the attribute is created with the desired value. The value can be fixed or be specified using an expression such as "?_ATTR("NB")" for example.

    TestAttribute.custom=Category.TestCategory, Type.Integer
    TestAttribute2.custom=Category.TestCategory, Type.number

  2. Then the desired category is created using the following syntax.


  3. Optionally, after the category, the attribute type can be specified separated by comma. If no type is specified, the type will be "String" by default.

    The following "custom" type values are supported (string is "default"):

    • string, time (String) [Default]

    • boolean

    • integer

    • double, number, float, real (Number)

    CREATOR.custom=Category.Testcategory, Type.Integer

  4. After export the attribute is found in NX under "Component Properties" in the applied category "TestCategory".