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Manual  AppServer client: Configuration

Please perform the AppServer Client configuration in PARTadmin -> category AppServer client.[15]

AppServer connection: Here, you can define how clients should access the AppServer, meaning via which ports, whether a local AppServer should be used, whether the AppServer has only to be used for searching or for catalog browsing as well.

PARTadmin -> Category "AppServer client"

PARTadmin -> Category "AppServer client"

The following listing explains the settings in detail:

  • Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer and Catalog browsing and search with AppServer

    There is only ONE central data directory for multi-installations.

    All access (catalog browsing and search [at option Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer to LinkDB as well]) is processed via PARTapplicationServer - regardless from which location.

    Thus select one of these options, if PARTsolutions is used remotely without synchronization of catalog data.

    [Note] Note

    Therefor a specific license is needed. Compare Section, “Licenses for the PARTapplicationServer ”.

    [Note] Note

    Using the API requires another license. Thereby third party systems can access the PARTapplicationServer.

    [Note] Note

    When using the option Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer there is no direct connection between Client and LinkDB, but via AppServer as well.

    With Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer there is no write access to $CADENAS_DATA. However, certain operations which require access can be performed by the Admin. On this see Section, “Global and local specification of the settings - Privileges for Admin ”.

  • Search with AppServer

    Only the search runs on the AppServer.

    [Note] Note

    For this no extra license is needed.

  • Use local AppServer (default)

    Using the local AppServer is advantageous compared to pdatamgr.exe. This is running on 64Bit, whereby possible memory problems are avoided.

    The local AppServer is only used for searching, not for catalog browsing.

    The AppServer is automatically started and exited together with PARTdataManager. If Seamless is also started, then Seamless uses the already running application.

  • Do not use AppServer

    All processes are running via PARTdataManager.

  • Load setup via AppServer / Load SiteSetup via AppServer (Default is off): These two options are only useful in restricted scenarios (e.g. Client, which does not have CAD systems and customization => PARTdataManager viewing mode e.g.).

    In the default setting these options are off, which means that the local setup and sitesetup are used. Forconnections with low bandwidth especially the setup should be locally due to its size.

[Note] Note

More details on settings can be found under Section, “Set up ERP on PARTapplicationServer ”.

Enter server address and ports: (only enabled when using one of the following options: Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer | Catalog browsing and search with AppServer | Search with AppServer)

  • Server address: Here please enter the server address.

  • Ports

    Activate/deactivate the desired ports via checkbox. HTTP port and Service port are the standard ports without SSL encryption. If SSL encryption is desired then use HTTPS-Port and SSL-Service-Port (normally either/or).

    • HTTP port: 9020 (default) [used for the file system]

    • Service port: 9021 (default) [used for index and search]

    • HTTPS-Port: 9022 (default): When activating the dialog area SSL is activated. See ???.

    • SSL-Service-Port: 9023 (default): When activating the dialog area SSL is activated. See ???.

  • Use SSL:

    Activate this option if you want SSL encryption. See ???.

  • Tunnel services via web sockets:

    Optionally for SSL encryption. See ???.

  • Use proxy server:


  • Use external browser

  • Show server state

If the AppServer is active, in PARTdataManager, down right in the status bar, a respective icon is displayed. The tooltip shows the respective information at mouseover.

There are five categories, which can be displayed at mouseover:

  • Search service

  • Login service

  • Database service

  • File system service

  • Index service

Which of the categories is displayed depends on the option chosen in PARTadmin -> category AppServer client -> AppServer connection.

With connection is displayed, otherwise .

[15] The configuration file for the AppServer client configuration is found under $CADENAS_SETUP/pappclient.cfg.