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Manual  Key "SHOW_MISSING_INDEX_HINT" - Suppress note at missing search indexes

If search indexes are missing, in PARTdataManager, after searching a respective not is displayed.

Exemplary message in PARTdataManager

Exemplary message in PARTdataManager

You can hide the note in future by selecting the checkbox Do not show this message again.

Should the note be suppressed basically, set/change the respective key in the configuration file.



Currently notes are displayed for missing full-text search indexes and for missing LinkDB search indexes.

On this see under Section, “Context menu commands in detail ”, Point Create full-text search index and Create LinkDB search index.

Further notes:

As soon as role settings changed, in PARTadmin, the note is displayed that the LinkDB search index has to be updated.

Relevant role changes are:

  • Preferred ranges

  • Filter condition for datasets

  • Viewing condition for table rows

  • Columns to be displayed

  • Columns not to be displayed (export only)

  • Display condition for parts selection

See Section, “ Tabbed page "General" ”.