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4.22.1. Features

The demo database (instance name PLDBDEMO_SQLITEJDBC) is made available to you by us so that you can quickly gain an overview of the expanded possibilities in the ERP integration.

The Demo database already contains:

  • Datasets with ERP data

    In a big number of projects example entries are found (see following figure).

  • Demo-User

    Click on the button "Log on to link database".

    The following users with respectively different dialogs are available:

    Password entry may be left out.

    [Note] Note

    At the demo database automatic login is configured. You are automatically logged in with your Windows username so that the Select role is immediately displayed.

  • Demo roles

    Click the "Select group " button.

    Using the "ecat" role the following roles are available:

    • Prices for all countries

    • Price JAPAN

    • Price CHINA

    • Price USA

    • Price GERMANY

    If a role selection is seldomly performed, then it makes sense to activate the checkbox Remember selected role.

    In this way the lastly selected role is saved and the role dialog suppressed, as long as the user clicks on "Select group" again or the saved role is no longer available for the respective user (setting in plinkusers.cfg).

    For the demo users different filters have been defined, so the view in PARTdataManager differs.

    The various views will give you a first overview concerning the options of configuration.