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Manual  Settings in partsolu.cfg
  • sortToolbars

    With the help of the key sortToolbars under $CADENAS_DEFAULT_USER -> block [TWEAKMENU] the position of the toolbars is saved. When restarting the application the set positions are recovered.



    The value of the config key will be set to 0 when the application is closed.

  • Key PARTdataManager_Mode (or PARTproject_Mode)

    The key saves the mode Beginner / Professional which is used when opening the application. Under Extras menu -> Select mode you can switch anytime.

  • Add further applications to be controlled by tweak configs

    If you want to add a new application, which should be controlled by the tweak settings you must insert the name of the application as value of the key processedApps in the $CADENAS_USER/partsolu.cfg. Create the two configs described above. Copy the content of menustructure_PARTdataManager.cfg and menuvisibility_PARTdataManager.cfg to get a quick start.