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Manual Assignment / release – Overview on the best approaches

At first get an overview if there are changes in the update catalog at all and if yes, how many and of what kind.

Furthermore it is relevant, how far the LinkDB datasets can be automatically assigned (mapped) in a mapping process despite possible changes.

[Note] Note

Mapping is not the same as definite release. This happens manually, explicitly for project lines, projects or whole directories.

If the automatic mapping process could be successfully performed, the release can be performed after a simple check.

If the automatic mapping process was not successful, the affected projects must be assigned to LinkDB datasets by using search functionality.

The following information sources are available to determine the most effective approach.

  • Before update installation

    • Check

      Under PARTadmin -> category Catalog update -> Offline -> Check -> tabbed page Status you will get a list of all projects with information on changes.

    • Compare

      Under PARTadmin -> category Catalog update -> Offline -> Compare you will see a Catalog comparison with directory structure and table. Changes of directory structure and name changes can be seen in the comparison at once.

    On this see Section, “ PARTadmin - Check | Compare | Install”.

  • During update installation

    When starting a Catalog update with existing ERP integration the dialog box CIP Installation appears by default.

    You are asked whether you want to check the catalogs to be installed on possible mapping conflicts in the LinkDB before the installation. These conflicts can then be fixed in the Update manager by a new assignment or by revoking the assignment.

    If you want a check to be performed then click on Yes - Check Catalog.

    If no problems are detected, the installation will run through without any further notes.

    If problems are detected, the dialog box CIP Installation is displayed again with specific information on datasets which could not have been mapped.

    On this see Section 4.16.2, “Standard check on problems with mapping LinkDB entries ”.

  • After update installation

    After the update installation you can find further helpful information in the PARTlinkManager with the help of the values from columns ACTIVE_STATE and REQUESTED_STATE.

    On this see Section, “ PARTlinkManager ”.