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Manual  Key "ShowSynchronizationMenu"


Ein-/ausschalten des Synchronisierungs-Menü. Ausgeschaltet kann man per GUI die Vorberechnungsdatei nicht manuell aktualisieren.


Enable/disable the synchronization menu. If disabled the precalculation file cannot be updated per GUI manually. Default: false.

Update precalculation file

Block PARTconnection -> key ShowSynchronizationMenu -> value 0/1

The button is hidden, because manual update of the precalculation file is either not necessary or makes no sense.

At the first call up of the function Connection all required connection elements are indexed. You can recognize this at the progress bar.

After a catalog update the precalculation file is automatically updated.

After new ERP assignments the update should be started via script. See Section, “Connections ”.