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Manual Configuration file for the AppServer Server configuration

The configuration file for the AppServer server configuration can be found under $CADENAS_SETUP/pappserver.cfg.

Normally the settings don't have to be changed.

Information on the individual keys are found in the configuration file itself.

[Note] Note

The entries in the keys port and mzcomport are important. These have to match each other in the configuration files pappclient.cfg and pappserver.cfg. (For the default settings this is the case.)

[Note] Note

No shared index on the server

  • SharedIndex (partsol.cfg -> [PARTindex] -> SharedIndexDir) may not be configured on the server. Constant net access would slow down the search.

  • SharedIndex is only used on clients.

  • When using an AppServer, the SharedIndex may not be on CADENAS_DATA.

    The following key puts the Shared Index locally.



[Note] Note

When using PARTwarehouse with the option Article assignment, in the block [common] -> key Services the value PartWareHouseService has to be added in order for the PARTapplicationServer to be found.