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Manual  Key "TemplateFile" - Adjust templates

The templates can be adjusted separately for the following groups:

  • Assembly, Inch

  • Part, Inch

  • Assembly, MM

  • Part, MM

Adjustment of path: Possibly, the templates are not stored at the default location, but anywhere else in the network. Then you have to adjust the path in the key TemplateFile accordingly.


TemplateFile(is3dpart,ismmdoc)=?"Z:\\Inventor\\Templates\\Norm (mm).ipt"
TemplateFile(is3dasm,ismmdoc)=? "Z:\\Inventor\\Templates\\Norm (mm).iam"

Example for UNC path:

\\\\server001\\Inventor\\Templates\\Norm (mm).ipt

If necessary, adjust the template name in addition. Default is Norm (mm).iam and Norm (mm).ipt for example.