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Manual  Catalog update Online

In the Catalog update -> Online category you can both install new catalogs and update existing catalogs.

[Note] Note

The procedure is basically the same at a new installation or an update.

[Note] Note

You can find change information on the tabbed page Release Notes. Changed projects are listed on the tabbed page Modification Details. If you need a precise breakdown of the changes BEFORE an update (project, table or 3D) or want to load single projects in the tabular or 3D comparison, use the Offline variant. On this compare Section, “ Catalog installation / Catalog update: Offline ” or Section, “ Before the catalog installation Check and Compare ”. AFTER an update you can find detailed change information in PARTdataManager under History -> Installed catalogs. On this see Section, “Check project changes in detail (after the installation) ”.

In the following you can find a detailed description on the Online variant.