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Manual Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer custom attributes

Attributes which are declared in the block CadDocumentAttributes are displayed in SolidWorks in the dialog box File information -> Tabbed page Custom as extra attributes behind the standard attributes.

In order to define the display value of the extra attributes for SolidWorks, do the following:

  1. Enter the desired value into the input fields of "Description" and "PartNo".



    You can change the attributes itself or the text outside the angle brackets.


  2. Save the settings.

  3. - > For all exported parts you can now see the mapped attributes under File information -> tabbed page User-defined.

    Dialog window "File information" -> Tabbed page "User-defined"

    Dialog window "File information" -> Tabbed page "User-defined"

Add new keys:

You may set as many keys as you like.

  1. Add the desired key.

  2. Enter the value.

    For example:


    Attribute such as "LINA" for example. Optionally you may also define the language of the attribute.


The following figure shows the result in SolidWorks in the "File information" window on the "User-defined" tabbed page.