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1.3.4.  Catalog update

[Note] Note

The downloading of catalogs (*.cip) is only possible for approved customers with valid maintenance.

For verification please send an e-mail to:



Company, zip code, location, first and last name of the employee + e-mail address, which is used to login. As subject please enter "Verification of user data".

[Note] Note

The following is a standard information with is both valid for the catalog update with or without ERP integration.

Additional information on the Catalog update with ERP integration can be found under Section 4.16, “ Catalog update with ERP integration ”.

Conduct the catalog update in PARTadmin, in the category Catalog update.

Basically you have to options for a catalog update:

  1. Online

    The Online variant is the more comfortable.

    After the installation you can find detailed information on changes in PARTdataManager -> Part view -> History -> Installed catalogs. See Section, “Check project changes in detail (after the installation) ”.

  2. Offline

    Die Offline variant enables a detailed check on changes BEFORE the installation.

The following describes both options.