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Manual  replace_std.cfg

Via configuration file replace_std.cfg, you can mark expired and replaced parts with special icons in the Part selection, display dialog boxes and block the export to CAD systems:

Icons in index tree and "Symbols" view

Icons in index tree and "Symbols" view

Dialog box

Dialog box

[Tip] Tip

The following markups complement each other:

  • Part to be replaced (description in present section)

  • Part to be avoided (see Kennzeichnung zu vermeidender Teile)

    With V10 this functionality is controlled by a specific column CNSAVOID in the characteristic attribute table.

    Control via configuration file $CADENAS_DATA/datasetup/avoid_parts.cfg is not used anymore!

  • Expired parts (see Section, “Menu item Expiration date (End of Life) ” in eCATALOGsolutions Manual)

The use of replace_std.cfg is an alternative to the function under PARTadmin -> Index administration -> context menu command Suppress appearance (see Section, “Overview of context menu commands”).

However via replace_std.cfg the subtrees stay visible even though they can't be used. Normally this is the preferred variant.