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Manual Keys "CATMETRICS_*"

When generating the CIP file of a catalog, in the catalog's filedir.prj the results of the resolve check will be set in the form of following keys (for details see Section, “Reverse search ‒ Resolve check (automatic) ” in eCATALOGsolutions Manual):


    Number of projects which should be found (All visible projects and projects with SEARCHINDEX=ON)


    Number of projects with a classified order number or type code variable


    Number of projects without value ranges


    Number of projects with manual reverse scripts


    Number of projects with order numbers and type codes indexed by lucene


    Number of projects which can be solved via auto reverse search


    Number of projects which can't be found by the reverse search

Background information: In order to create the information which shall be written into the dir.prj, the configuration files resolvecheck.cfg and *.qacheck are evaluated. E.g., the ResolveChecker writes to resolvecheck.cfg for which projects an automatic Reverse Search is possible. For the case that someone changed a project without executing the ResolveChecker the information is read from *.qacheck, where Testmeta is writing to, and for changed projects Testmeta has to be called in any case, because otherwise publication is not possible.