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Manual  Welcome tabbed page

Perform the settings on the Welcome tabbed page:

Welcome tabbed page

Welcome tabbed page

  1. Click on the Settings button.

    -> The Settings dialog box opens with the tabbed page Online update.

  2. In order to be able to download catalogs you have to have a valid account at CADENAS. You can create it on the homepage or directly by clicking on Create new account.

    • Enter the data under Username and Password.

      Click on Check.

    • Determine a Download directory. Here the catalogs are saved in the cip format during the period between download and installation.

      [Note] Note

      On the tabbed page Catalog update, if you deactivate the option Install after download, then you have the opportunity to review changes in the downloaded catalogs in an intermediate step and then in a second step to manually install on the tabbed page Offline.[a]

      On this compare Section, “ Before the catalog installation Check and Compare ”.

      [a] The downloaded catalogs are found in the defined Download directory. After finished installation the CIPs are automatically deleted.

    • Parallel downloads:

      With activated option, you can determine the number of parallel performed downloads via Segments. With higher values the download speed can be increased. Default is 1 (no parallel downloads).

      [Note] Note

      Increase of download speed is not guaranteed to work in every scenario. If you have problems downloading, set back to 1 or disable the option.

  3. Switch to the Network tabbed page.

    Exemplary entries

    Exemplary entries

    It's about proxy settings for the HTTP protocol. If a proxy server is used, then these settings are mandatory for the update assistant.

    [Note] Note

    Unfortunately SOCKS server are not supported under all operation systems.

    [Note] Note

    You can also reach the same dialog via PARTdataManager -> Extras menu -> Settings....

  4. Confirm all entries by clicking on OK.

    [Note] Note

    The settings are saved under $CADENAS_USER --> partupdate.cfg.

    You can find detailed information on the configuration files under Section 1.7, “ Configuration files ”.

  5. Click on the START button.

    -> The view switches to the Catalog update tabbed page.