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4.13.6.  Edit/delete dataset using PARTdataManager

After clicking on the button the Edit/delete dataset window shows up.

The button is only available with ERP functionality.

See Section 4.21.1, “ Load additional scripts - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [LOAD]”.

Edit/delete dataset

Edit/delete dataset

  • New key value

    Change the ERP_PDM_NUMBER if desired.

The data view is divided into Link-data and ERP data.

  • Update dataset

    Click on the value needing to be changed, change it accordingly and click on Update dataset.

  • Delete link

    Deletes the data of the LINKTABLE.

    Afterward follows an inquiry whether or nor the data of the ERPTABLE should be kept. Confirm/deny the inquiry accordingly.

  • Execute SQL-command

    Opens the window of the same name.

    In the SQL command entry field you can enter any command.

    Define the maximum number of lines in the result.

    Click on Execute after.

    [Note] Note

    Via browse button ... the table names and a selection of SQL commands can be shown.

    Execute SQL-command

    Execute SQL-command

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