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Manual  PARTapplicationServer - Installation

For shared installations (Client-Server and Multi Site) it is recommended to setup the Search Server as dedicated server or virtual machine.[12]

Special reasons for this are:

  • CADENAS software has to be installed with administration rights. In order not to put already existing software on the server at risk (isolated servers), CADENAS recommends a dedicated server here.

  • In addition performance issues are important: In case of extraordinary frequent queries the server is blocked.

The recommended procedure of software installation is to locally copy $CADENAS - the same as with any client.

[Note] Note

A 64 bit system is recommended.

Only ONE PARTapplicationServer is installed. All client - regardless at which location - access this one PARTapplicationServer.

The environment variable $CADENAS_DATA controls which data directory is used. At which directory it points, you can easy recognize on the Server state dialog box -> Environment tabbed page. On this see Section, “ PARTapplicationServer Dashboard ”.

[12] On this server the CADENAS license server can also be installed. See Einrichten eines FLM-Servers.