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Manual Install update version

Perform the installation of an update version in PARTadmin under Catalog update.

[Note] Note

Performing an update with LinkDB connection ensure that in the Versions section the option Keep all or Number of versions (default = 2) is selected. You can find the setting option both in the offline and in the online variant.

  • The single steps during the update are displayed in the main window.

    Progress display

    Progress display

    If there are links in the LinkDB, which have to be edited, the following entries appear:

    Updating link database...

    Updated link database

    Wait until Installation finished is displayed.

    [Note] Note

    If there are a lot of links in the link database this can take some time.

  • When the update is finished, open PARTlinkManager.

    After the update now for each project line with changes there are two links (lines) with different version numbers (compare column "version" or "PSOL Project").

    [Note] Note

    The Version is encrypted as date and time. "v150612115815" for example stands for June the 12th, 2015, 11:58:15.

    The higher the number, the more current the version.

    In the columns Active State and Requested State you can see the respective entries of the old and new version (compare Section, “ACTIVE_STATE and REQUESTED_STATE ”).

    [Note] Note

    The values will be changed when the new assignment is processed.

  • Now start the Update manager under Extras menu -> Update manager.

    In the Catalogs section, at directory, project and line level symbols are displayed, which signalize certain changes. A detailed description on this is found in the following sections.

    [Important] Important

    Please avoid to perform an update without LinkDB connection!

    Otherwise when calling up a project with LinkDB connection, in PARTdataManager the following warning is displayed:

    The link database entries don't match the loaded project version.

    The link database entries don't match the loaded project version.

    Should this be the case, at the catalog directory the following icon is displayed:

    A detailed description on troubleshooting is found under Section, “Update without connection to the LinkDB ”.