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Manual PARTsolutions/base module ERP linkdb

This module enables the integration of company-owned META data into the PARTsolutions software.

You can connect attributes from the META data, such as for example internal article numbers, price, material, part status, etc., with the installed standard attributes of the PARTsolutions supplier catalogs.

The module covers the following functionalities:

  • PARTlinkManager ― Administration tool for all ERP relevant data[66]

    • Display and changes of datasets in the LinkDB (in the LinkDB you can find all information about the connection concerning part allocation to ERP master data)

    • Configuration of PARTsolutions ERP environment

    • Adjustment of visual display of data in the PARTsolutions environment (example: different coloring for individual rows according to condition)

    • New application of DB fields in the LinkDB

    • Dataset export and import via CSV file

  • PARTadmin - Configuration tool for PARTsolutions and administration tool for roles and users.

    • Roles and users may be applied.

    • For roles and individual users, comprehensive view filters (preferred rows, hiding certain parts and columns, etc.) may be set.

    • Roles and individual users rights (export restrictions, apply new rows, request part numbers, etc.) may be assigned.

    • System settings for PARTsolutions can be made.

  • PARTsolutions Toolbar [67]

    • New toolbar in the PARTdataManager

    • New columns with ERP information in the characteristic attribute table

    • New processes are possible, e.g. when applying ERP-numbers

  • Database scripts - Predefined scripts for creating the LinkDB, which can be used with PARTsolutions.

    • Currently available for Oracle, MS SQL, DB/2 and SAP DB[68]

  • ERPsolutions/gateway JDBC - Gateway for access to databases via Java DataBase Connectivity

    • JDBC is a Java based version of the database access (to LinkDB).

    • JDBC works cross-platforms, available for all Unix platforms.

    • The package does not include the JDBC drivers for the corresponding databases. They have to be provided by the customer.

    • As far as free drivers are available, JDBC-drivers (free of cost), which are available under the LGPL-license are additionally enclosed in the package, they are not supported by CADENAS and no guaranteed content of the scope of delivery.

    • For installation and implementation to ERP environments an individually arranged consulting package is urgently recommended.

  • PARTsolutions/development partwarehouse ident mapping&synchronize

    • Includes command line tool to transfer attributes from the ERP system (e.g.) for ERP/PLM integration) assimilation of company specific part data (part numbers and attributes) from one database and transfer to PARTsolutions tables

    • Includes PARTdataCenter GUI for comparison of ident numbers: Interface for assigning ERP numbers semi-automatically

      [Note] Note
      • The software package PARTsolutions/development partwarehouse ident mapping&synchronize is recommended for all ERPsolutions modules.

      • For installation and implementation to ERP-environments an individually arranged consulting package is urgently recommended.

[Note] Note
  • Licences

    You can operate the COMP license across different sites in one country, the Enterprise license across different sites worldwide.

    For the Enterprise license all subsidiaries using the software have to be indicated. (ATTENTION: Only valid for an ERP system, please enquire about heterogeneous landscapes). For replication of the database at different sites a replication manager is necessary. This replication manager is provided by the customer. There are no restrictions concerning the number of displayable columns.

  • For installation and implementation to ERP environments an individually arranged consulting package is urgently recommended.

  • The customer has to provide sufficient database licenses (with SQL Basis compatibility e.g. Oracle, SAP DB, DB/2, etc.). In case the customer does not have a database system, we recommend installing a free Oracle-XE or SQL-server Express version. However, they are not administered by CADENAS (backup, user management, firewall-settings, etc.). Generally CADENAS does not accept any liability for functionality and licensing of the database systems.

  • The customer has to ensure that there is a ODBC-connection (WIN/UNIX), regarding software and license, to the indicated database system. For the free SAP DB, the ODBC drivers are additionally delivered under the GNU license.

For data flow of the ERP-System towards the PARTsolutions database, there are different implementation possibilities (so called linking methods e.g. cyclically replication, trigger replication, …), depending on the environment and the customer’s needs. For a „real“ online linking to the ERP system (which means generating new part numbers directly from PARTsolutions), additionally to the ERP-module a ERPsolutions/gateway is necessary (e.g. ERPsolutions/gateway SAP MM or an individually programmed gateway).

[66] Detailed information can be found under ERP-Umgebung konfigurieren and Section 4.13, “Manual data administration ”.

[67] Detailed information on this can be found under PARTdataManager – ERP/PDM Erweiterungen.

[68] The scripts can be found on the installation medium under /tools/databases.

Detailed information can be found under Section, “Installations script ”.