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1.9.3. Batchconvert.exe

With this program you can convert 3D files and create preview images in batch mode.

You can use "Scheduled tasks" in Windows. (Hereto no GUI is needed; ActiveX is possible!)

(When you call up batchconvert.exe without parameter or with '--help' or with '-?', then the help with all possible parameters is displayed.

The file batchconvert.exe is found under:

C:\Program Files (x86)\cadenas\partsolutions\software\bin\x86\32\batchconvert.exe"

Call up happens in the following form:

batchconvert sourceDirName
                [--targetdir targetDirName]
                [--logfile logFileName]
                [--errorfile errorFileName]
                [--inputformats format1 format2 format3 ...]
                [--outputformats format3d formatImage]

[Note] Note


As of version PSOL 9.04 there is an alternative possibility to declare the source directory:

Now instead of a directory you can specify a text file. Each line in this file has to specify the absolute path to a file to be imported. For the rest nothing has changed at call up.

Exemplary initial situation:


Detection of target path:

In order for the structure of source files to be mapped correctly at the target, the target path is detected as follows:

At first the directory with the deepest path with the characteristic that it contains all files from the list is determined .

Then this common path is replaced by the specified target path.

Focusing on the first two lines the deepest common path would be "../abc" and focusing on all three lines it would be "C://".

Supposed target path would be:


Then result would be:


The common path may not be empty, especially all files have to be in the same drive or computer in the network.

Ergo the following is not possible:




Spelling: (Example)

  • Short version: -t


  • Long version: --targetdir

Description of the single parameters:

  • --(t)argetdir: Target directory for the converted files

  • --(l)ogfile: Log file, which contains a list of all converted files

    The file contains the complete paths to all converted output files as \t separated CSV.

    One line for each input file: col1=inputFilePath, col2=outputPathFormat1, col3=…)

  • --(e)rrorfile: Error file, which contains a list of all files where an error occurred.

    The file contains the complete paths to the faulty input files.

  • --(i)nputformats: Input formats to scan for in the source directory

    The following list exemplifies a selection of formats. Using the '--listformats' or '-l' you can output all formats in order to detect the correct names for the call up.

    Parameter Name File extension
    NATCATIAV5CATPRODUCT Catia Native Checkin CatProduct
    META3DV2 PS3-V2 3D ps3
    NATINVENTORPART2011 Inventor 2011 ipt
    NATINVENTORASM2011 Inventor 2011 iam
    SAT SAT ascii 3D sat
    STEPIN STEP file input STEP
    STPIN STP file input STP
    IGS IGS File input IGS

  • --(o)utputformats: Output formats

    for 3D files:

    Parameter File extension
    STLFILE stl
    PARTJAVA zjv

    for preview images:

    Parameter File extension
    BMP bmp
    PNG png
    JPEG jpg
    TIFF tif

  • --(r)ecursive: The source directory is recursively scanned.

  • --(m)eshreduction: The geometric part complexity is reduced. Stating this parameter cannot damage anything and makes sure that the geometric index can be correctly created. But in any case a respective message is outputted in the log file.

  • --(d)ebug: An enhanced version is displayed in the command window.

  • --image(w)idth: Width of preview images

  • --image(h)eight: Hight of preview images

    In order to avoid errors please state width and hight.

  • In order for the program to be prevented from converting ALL files again, the parameter --ignorenotmodified can be used.


    Files which have not been modified are ignored at a new conversion.

    Files which have been modified are converted again and preview images are generated.

    [Caution] Caution

    In this mode --overwrite should be active, in order for preview images to be enabled to be overwritten.

    If only --overwrite is active, existing files are always overwritten.

    If neither --overwrite nor --ignorenotmodified is active, existing files are not overwritten.

  • --deleteinput

    Deletes the original files.

  • --defaultpreview3d

    Default file, if the conversion fails. The file must already have the target format.

  • --defaultpreview

    Default preview image, if the preview image cannot be created. If already the conversion of the 3D file fails, this preview image is used - if set. Otherwise the preview image is created from the default 3D file. Also here the image must have the same format as the created preview images.

[Note] Note

Please regard upper and lower case.

Example 1:

batchconvert "C:\src" --targetdir "C:\target" --meshreduction --recursive 
--outputformats BMP PARTJAVA --inputformats STLFILE  --logfile C:\logfile.txt 
--errorfile c:\errorfile.txt

Example 2:

batchconvert "C:\src": -t "C:\target" -m -r -o BMP STL -i NATSOLIDEDGEPARTST2 
NATSOLIDEDGEASMST2 -l C:\logfile.txt -e c:\errorfile.txt

A detailed description of geometry import via GUI is found under Import von Geometrie-Dateien.