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Manual  Hostid sources

Nodelocked single workstation licenses are bound to machines. The respective machine is identified by a number, the "Hostid". This hostid is derived from hardware components, which are unique for the respective machine.

[Note] Note

Hostid settings do not have to be performed manually. All available hostids are passed through to the cnslocal or cnsmaster service and the license file determines, which hostid is to be used.

The automatically detected possible hostid sources are displayed in the dialog area.

The purchased licenses have to have one of these hostids, in order that the installed PARTsolutions modules are executable.[22]

  • mac

  • system

  • dongle

    If you have installed a dongle and the respective driver, the respective entry will be displayed here.

    On the dongle driver installation or subsequent installation please see under Installation eines Dongletreibers.

In the column Status you can see, whether the hostid source is available.

[22] except zero licenses