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Manual  "Events" tabbed page

On the Events tabbed page you can define, whether an e-mail shall be sent to the defined e-mail address at a certain event; furthermore, whether the statistics logging shall be enabled.



  • On which events should the server send email notifications?

    • Send notification when a user is rejected

      When clients are rejected, because there are not enough licenses for a certain product, a mail will be sent.

    • Send notification when a user checks out a license or extends the checkout

    • Send notification when licenses expire

      If licenses deployed on this server expire, the server sends a notification mail once a day.

    • Notification on server failover

  • E-mail connection data

    • Address/name of the SMTP server

    • Sender's address

    • Receiver address

    • Send test e-Mail

  • Enable statistics logging (needed for statistical evaluation)

    • Number of days to be kept

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