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Manual User interface of the Index administration at a glance

The following figure shows the user interface of PARTadmin.

PARTadmin -> Category: Index administration

PARTadmin -> Category: Index administration

The PARTadmin user interface when selecting Index administration is divided into the following areas:

Menu and toolbar

Category selection

All administration operations are carried out within PARTadmin.

Via Category, select the specific use case (e.g. Index administration, Catalog update or ERP environment)

The current section contains information about Index administration.

[Note] Note

Areas and remain the same for all PARTadmin functions.

Index administration page

  • Commands

  • Legend

  • Index tree

    • Catalogs

      All installed catalogs are displayed here.

    • My Parts

      The following own parts are managed/displayed here:

    • Classifications

      All installed classifications are managed here.

    • User data

      In the index tree, under User data, the Favorites and History are managed.

      • Favorites

        All favorites set in the PARTdataManager are displayed here.

        You can also hide certain displays of different directories in the PARTdataManager.

      • History

        The complete history of the parts used in the PARTdataManager is displayed here.

        You can also hide certain displays of different directories in the PARTdataManager.

    • Fingerprints

      This category is only used by vbs scripts.

  • Preview images

    Preview images of directories and projects are displayed on the right.

Progress display of the Index update

[Note] Note

The area Index update can be activated in the context menu of the title bar, the menu or the toolbar.

Activate dialog area "Index update"

Activate dialog area "Index update"

Dialog area "Index update"

Dialog area "Index update"


Errors are displayed in the Messages window.

Status bar - Icons

  • In the status bar, an icon shows whether the index is locked:

    If a green lock icon is displayed, then PARTadmin can access the index.

    If a red lock icon then the index is locked.

    When moving the mouse over the icon a tooltip is displayed where you can see which computer and which application is responsible.

  • When generations are processed the respective icon is displayed as well.

    Furthermore all running generations are displayed in the dialog area Index update.

    With a click on Clean list the icon is shown again.

    If the dialog area Index update is hidden, it is displayed again by clicking on .