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Manual  Key "PipingConnPoint" - NX routing function

Fitting ports are shown by little arrows in NX, which indicate the flow direction. As of V9.07 this information can be generated from the PARTsolutions connection points.

PSOL connection points -> NX fitting ports

PSOL connection points -> NX fitting ports


In order for the NX Routing function to be used with PARTsolutions, a "NX Routing Electrical" license must be available.


Configuration file $CADENAS_SETUP/ifugnx.cfg -> section [CreationOptions(is3d):include(CreationOptions)] -> key PipingConnPoint

Set the value to 1.


With activated key at each export on each connection point a "Fitting Port Feature" is generated.

Flow direction of these ports is derived from the Z-axis of the connection point.

The ports will be generated on Layer 32 and will be visible by default (corresponding to the setting in ifugnx.cfg -> key layer_11 -> value ports:32:2).