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4.2. Installation Link database

Parts management is the connection of catalog data with your data in the ERP/PLM system. This enables role-based releases and views to be controlled and data from your database system can be made visible for the user in PARTsolutions.

General information can be found under Section 4.1, “Introduction”.

[Important] Important

Integral part of an installation with ERP, PDM, PLM integration is the link database which saves connections between PARTsolutions and third party systems

To set up a productive system you can use the already existing database system.[69]

This chapter "Installation Link database" guides you through the complete installation procedure step by step:

  • Hardware requirements

  • Installation of PARTsolutions parts management with PDM/ERP/PLM integration

  • Configuration of the database server connection (exemplified by MSSQL)

  • Create database scheme and users for ERP (exemplified by MSSQL)

  • Set up the ODBC data source (exemplified by MSSQL)

  • JDBC driver

  • ERP connection from PARTsolutions via ODBC/JDBC and ERP activation

For demo purposes you can use the demo database PLDBDEMO. Here the SQLite database with all needed configurations and demo data is installed. The chapter "Installation Link database" can be skipped.

[69] MSSQL, Oracle, etc. Information on installation of a database system is not part of the manual in hand.