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Manual Docking "Index update"

  • Progress bar

    In PARTadmin, docking window Index update, you can see the progress during the index generation.

    Progress bar

    Progress bar

    In addition, you can see the progress in the Windows task bar.

  • Cancel job:

    This function enables the termination of the index generation for the currently generated index.

    When cancelling the update of the Geometrical search index you there is the possibility to keep the already generated state and continue at a later time, which possibly means a considerable speed advantage.

    1. Start index generation in PARTadmin.

    2. If you want to interrupt, select the respective line in the docking window Index update and then click on the button Cancel job.

    3. Possibly with some delay the dialog box Generation cancelled is opened questioning if you want to keep already made changes.

      • Yes: The index generation is terminated with already generated data, which possibly takes some time depending on catalog size.

        After a new generation the already indexed state is used again, which could possibly means a considerable speed advantage.

      • No: The changes are discarded.

    4. In both cases start generation quite normally at a later time again.

  • Cancel pending tasks: The current process will be finished. Waiting queues are cancelled.

  • Clean list: Cleans the display.