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Manual Preparations

Install catalog_update_v1.cip.

You can find the sample data in your installation under $CADENAS\training\update_manager.

  1. Install Catalog Update Test V1.

    PARTadmin -> Catalog update -> Offline

    PARTadmin -> Catalog update -> Offline

  2. Import all projects of "catupdate_test" into the PARTlinkManager.

  3. Assign ERP numbers to the single lines.

    Mark all datasets and click on Assign ERP numbers in the context menu.

  4. The dialog box Generate value sequence opens.

    Click on Generate and confirm by clicking Ok.

    -> The automatically generated ERP numbers are assigned.

  5. Select all datasets again and click on Set fields -> Active status in the context menu.

  6. The dialog box Set values opens.

    In the list field, select Released and confirm with OK.

  7. Now the PARTlinkManager shows a small, but realistic initial situation. With the help of these data the further approach is explained.

    Initial situation in PARTlinkManager

    Initial situation in PARTlinkManager