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Manual  Google Translator - Create account

In order to be able to use the Google Translator a key has to be inserted in the online_translators.cfg configuration file, in the [GoogleTranslator] section. The other settings are already made by default and do not have to be changed

In order to get the key a Google Account is needed.

In order to create it proceed as follows:

  1. Call up http://code.google.com/apis/console.

  2. Click on "Create an account now".

  3. Insert the requested data in the form.

  4. You receive an activation e-mail.

  5. Click on the activation link in the e-mail.

  6. Now log in with your password.

  7. Activate "Translate API".

    Translate API

    Translate API

    [Note] Note

    With this key 100.000 characters a day can be translated.

  8. In the "Identity" category you see your key under "Current key".

    Current key

    Current key

  9. Copy this key to the online_translators.cfg configuration file, to the [GoogleTranslator] section, into "Key".