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[Note] Note

SITESETUP saves keys with changed values, not all configuration files like CADENAS_SETUP.

Background is that in this way the complete software including configuration files can be replaced without loosing changed configuration settings.

When changing the default configuration all changes are written in a second Setup directory. In this way it is directly evident, whether changes have been made at all and if so in which scope and which exactly. The Default_User directory is also inside this Setup and will be managed as well.

In order to activate the function specify an environment variable CADENAS_SITESETUP (e.g. in the start.env). The directory has already to be existent. For example:


If the function is active and any PARTsolutions application attempts to write into SETUP, then a copy of the respective configuration file is automatically created under SITESETUP and the changes are saved there. If the default is restored, the respective file is deleted under SITESETUP again.

In the user interface, under category Configuration files, you can set the filter Only changed keys (SITESETUP). Then only changed keys are displayed.



The dialog areas Comment for current installation and Last changes are available in addition when SITESETUP is activated.

  • Comment for current installation

    In the dialog area Comment for current installation, you can set comments for changes (reason of change for example)

    Entries are saved in the SITESETUP directory under $CADENAS_SITESETUP/configEditorUserIo.xml.[44]

  • Last changes

    In the dialog area Last changes the last value changes of the selected key are listed with their date.

    With a click on an entry can be removed. When double-clicking on a value in the column Old values or New values this value is set again.

    Entries are saved in the SITESETUP directory under $CADENAS_SITESETUP/configEditorUserIo.xml.[45]

More information

Via "Conditions" you can easily specify conditional sections in the start.env for your installation and so use different Setup directories. On this please see Section, “start.env with conditional sections ” in Installation Manual.

You can find the environment variable under system variables of your installation as well.

Under ? menu -> System info/Support (or F7 key) -> PARTsolutions variables you can also find §CADENAS_SITESETUP: The variable is linked to the corresponding directory. Simply click on it to get there. (You have to have the administrative rights for the respective directory.)

[44] Changes in files of the User directory are not relevant.

[45] Changes in files of the User directory are not relevant.