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1.3.3.  CAD integration

In the category CAD integration, you can register/deregister interfaces very simple.

Category "CAD integration"

Category "CAD integration"

In PARTadmin, on the left side, select the category CAD integration. For this you have to be in the Admin mode[1], otherwise a respective note is displayed.

-> Now on the right, a matrix with available CAD systems is displayed, where the activation/deactivation service is available in the user interface.

  • CAD system: Listing of all CAD systems, where the activation/deactivation can be performed via user interface.[2]

  • Installed CAD System found: If "Yes" is shown, the respective CAD is installed.

  • Integration active: Yes/No

  • Activate/ Deactivate: In order to activate or deactivate the integration, click on the button.

[1] If required, click on the button (Restart the program with administrative privileges).

[2] when using an Offline CD listing of packaged interfaces