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Manual Installation

Should the interface directory not have been created in the correct path by mistake, then copy the whole directory there:

...\Program Files\CoCreate\OneSpace Modeling 2007\personality\sd_customize\Addins\ifosdm2007

Finally execute the file Register.bat in the interface directory (...\iface\onespacemodeller\200x_xx\ Addins\ ifosdm200x\ ifosdm200x.dll).

Possibly you will be requested to execute the file Register.bat by a respective message.

During the installation the following dll file is registered:

  • 2007_32

    ...\iface\onespacemodeller\2007_32\ Addins\ ifosdm2007\ ifosdm2007.dll

  • 2007_64

    ...\iface\onespacemodeller\2007_64\ Addins\ ifosdm2007\ ifosdm2007.dll

  • 2008_32

    ...\iface\onespacemodeller\2008_32\ Addins\ ifosdm2008\ ifosdm2008.dll

  • 2008_64

    ...\iface\onespacemodeller\2008_64\ Addins\ ifosdm2008\ ifosdm2008.dll