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Manual Tabbed page "Database"
Configure - Database Databasesettings

Configure - Database

  • Database

    • Name:

      At this place that name has to be entered, which had been used for setting up the ODBC interface (see following figure).



      In a standard installation the already entered name is correct. Otherwise please adjust accordingly.

  • Tables

    Do not edit the following entries! The entries are in the plinkcommon.cfg file under $CADENAS_SETUP.

    • Link table

    • ERP table

    • Join statement (link table)

      Join statement defines, which primary key is assigned to which foreign key in the LINKTABLE and ERPTABLE. In this case „erp_pdm_number“.

    • Project table

      PRJTABLE is used for the function Edit project table (see Section, “ Edit project table ”).

    • Structure table

      The TREETABLE is needed in order to display the red-green status in the directory tree. As of V9 this is necessary due to the new index structure (especially because of links).