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Manual  Geometrical search index for Partial search

The Partial search is activated by default.

However, the Partial search needs special fingerprints. The standard creation of the Geometrical search index is not sufficient. At first you have to set an entry in a configuration file.

For example, to create the fingerprints for the catalog "mycatalog", in the configuration file under $CADENAS_SETUP -> geomsearch.cfg set the following key:


If you want to specify more than one catalog, enter other entries separated by comma.[11]

This setting applies for each way of creation of fingerprints.

Finally create the Geometrical search index for the whole catalog.

How to know if partial search indexing is done?

Open PARTadmin with category Index administration.

Catalogs with available index show the respective icon .

[11] The declaration of subdirectories is not possible.