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Manual  Create database users in database via access from PARTadmin

The following shows how you can directly access your database under PARTadmin -> category User -> Database user and so apply new users or check for already existing users.

  1. From the list field select the database server. (Here exemplarily MS-SQL)

    Click on Login.

    Database login

    Database login

  2. The Database login… window shows up.

    Under Database enter the desired database with which you want to be connected.

    Log on with admin rights; otherwise you may not make changes.

    Default Admin-Login at the PLINKDB:

    • User: sa

    • Password: The password has been created at the creation of the database.

    Confirm with OK.

  3. After successful login, the Load button is active. After clicking on it all previously applied database users show up.

    Created database users

    Created database users

  4. Via New you can apply new database users with User and Password (Confirm password).

    Select the desired database by choosing the Default database in the list field.

    Select the desired Usergroup.

    Confirm with OK.

  5. Optionally you may change passwords for users.

    Select the desired user and click on Change password....