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Manual NX Macro "cns_place_teamcenter_partrev.macro"

When using this macro it will use the current revision rule.

A template macro "cns_place_teamcenter_partrev.macro" has been recorded as follows:

0. Empty assembly in NX 10/TC 10, Layer 27 on, revision rule set to "Precise Only".

1. Assemblies-> Add -> Open -> Insert part number in field "number", press tab, then open found part in the table and choose first subelement.

2. In the field "Revision", insert revision number.

3. OK.

That line containing the text "BEG_ITEM 8716288 (1 OPTM 0) = 5 ! Precise Only" is edited as follows:

Number before exclamation mark is replaced by <<CNS_REVISIONRULEINDEX>> and the name of revision rule by <<CNS_REVISIONRULE>>.

Then the line looks like this:


NB: The object code (here 8716288) can differ from version to version. The rule index (here 5) can also be different due to user settings. Normally the change has to be performed at two places in the macro, once at BEG_ITEM and once at END_ITEM.

All instances of Item number and revision then will be replaced by <<CNS_ITEM_NUMBER>> and <<CNS_ITEM_REV>> as usual.