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1.3.1.  Language selection

Under Language you can choose the language. You can change the language settings made by PARTsolutions during installation.

[Note] Note
  1. You can pick a different language for the Graphical user interface and the Catalog!

  2. The behavior of PARTadmin changed with PARTsolutions Version 9 with the language selection:

    Until now PARTadmin wrote on the environment variable $CADENAS_LANGUAGE.

    Now with version 9, PARTadmin writes on $CADENAS_USER/partsolu.cfg. ($CADENAS_LANGUAGE may, if expressly desired, still be used. See list under point 3.)

    Due to the switch, it is now possible for users to make changes at the client computer without PARTsolutions administration rights (and operating system administration rights).

  3. The following lists the components that affect the language setting according to priority:

    1. start.env (per default not used)

    2. Environment variable (per default not used)

    3. Registry entry (per default not used)

    4. $CADENAS_USER/partsolu.cfg

    5. Local operating system

    IMPORTANT: Should entries or variables be set for points 1-3 still exist from older installations, these must be removed so that the language changes work properly in PARTadmin.

Language selection: Graphical user interface and Catalog

Language selection: Graphical user interface and Catalog

Graphical user interface

Open the list field by clicking on the general arrow and select the desired language.


The language which is at the top of the list is the catalog language.

When setting the language for the program interface, the same language is automatically set as catalog language. (This language jumps to the top of the list.)

If you want a different language as the catalog language, move this language to the first palace in the list via drag-n-drop. The order also acts as a fall back list, if the set desired language is unavailable.

The switch is active after restarting the respective module.