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Manual Automated and cyclical update of data

You can transfer any third party information to PARTsolutions with ERP integration (into the link database).

In the context PARTsolutions with ERP integration there are three basic requirements concerning data transfer and integration:

  • Article assignment (initial filling of the link database)

  • Update

  • New creation

Cyclic data update can be processed by the script nightupdate.vbb. Details on this can be found under Section, “ Configuration file nightupdate.cfg ”.

The identification of the correct dataset can happen by the material master number and the ERP_PDM_NUMBER.

Once a dataset is clearly assigned, then information from any ERP columns can be transferred into the link database.

The following figure exemplifies an update of the columns Price and Inventory.


The license "CSN2005*PSDEV*PIDENT" has to be available.

The procedure:

  • The ERP system cyclically exports changes in form of a CSV file (e.g. daily, possibly several times a day, usually by night. The CSV file only contains datasets changed during the last cycle.

  • Via scheduled task a job is defined (according to the export-cycle from the ERP system).

  • Thereby the script nightupdate.vbb is called up; either with or without additional declaration of the configuration file:

    • Without explicit declaration of a configuration file:

      "%cadenas%\bin\x86\32\cscripthost.exe" "%cadenas_setup%\scripts\erp\nightupdate.vbb"

      The script uses nightupdate.cfg from $CADENAS_SETUP.

    • With additional declaration of a configuration file. This can make sense, if differently configured CSV files are used.

      "%cadenas%\bin\x86\32\wscripthost.exe" "%cadenas_setup%\scripts\erp
      \nightupdate.vbb" "nightupdate.cfg"

    The script is stored under $CADENAS_SETUP\scripts\erp\nightupdate.vbb. Please also regard notes in the script file itself.

    The configuration file is stored under $CADENAS_SETUP\nightupdate.cfg.

  • In the configuration file nightupdate.cfg specific adjustments are performed.

  • The changed datasets of the third party system are written into the LinkDB according to these settings.

[Note] Note

Detailed information on the configuration file nightupdate.cfg can be found under Section, “ Configuration file nightupdate.cfg ”.

[Note] Note

Update of the search index

Detailed information on updating the search index can be found under Section, “More information” -> "Automatic index updates".

An older concept is an update via scripting. (See $CADENAS_SETUP/scripts/erp/nightupdate_erp.vbb.) Detailed information on this can be found in the script file itself.