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Manual  Key "automaticRecalcAfterFileOpen" - Configure mode for part recalculation

[Note] Note

The key "automaticRecalcAfterFileOpen" is deactivated. In order to be able to use this function, you must activate this key first.

Determine whether the recalculation is active after loading the part. There are three statuses:



  • Value = 0

    No 3D calculation occurs when loading the part.

    The status light is set to red. In order to be able to see the part in the 3D view, you must set it to green.

    No (re)calculation

    No (re)calculation

  • Value=1

    Part is calculated once when loading.

    When changing the table no recalculation occurs either. Only when the status light is clicked to green does the recalculation occur.

    [Note] Note

    Export and 2D derivation also require a recalculation.

  • Value=2

    Default: As standard behavior for deactivated key: Recalculation at start and each table change.