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Manual FLM-Server - V9.03 + V8.1 - Different scenarios
  • If a >= V9.03 and a V8.1 server shall be used in combination (on an interim basis), these have to be set up on different servers.

  • For combinations of client and FLM server with different software versions please regard the following:

    1. Combination >=V9.03 Clients == V8.1 FLM Server

      • The V8.1 FLM Server has to be administrated by the License Manager.

      • On the V8.1 FLM Server the new licenses have to be installed.

    2. Combination V8.1-Clients == >= V9.03 FLM Server

      • The >= V9.03 FLM Server has to be administrated by PARTadmin.

      • The server can handle the "old" license packages and allocates the respective V8.1 packages to the clients.

      • Restrictions

        The function Checkout (see Section, “"Checkout" tabbed page”) is not available on V8.1 clients.