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Manual  Catalog update tabbed page

Downloading catalogs

  • On the Catalog update tabbed page you can easily view currently available catalogs and classifications and download/upload desired ones.

  • Catalogs and classes are displayed bundled in a rubric.

  • Catalogs for which the user does not own a valid license,are displayed in a separate rubric. Thus the user can check whether a download is useful or not.

  • Also the list field Sorting helps providing a good overview:

    For sorting the following options are available:

    • Catalogs

    • Categories

    • Languages

  1. Catalog list

    Fetch Catalog List:

    At the end of the comparison you will see a list with updates that may interest you.[3]The colored catalog symbol informs you the respective status of the catalog.

    Update available
    Catalog not installed yet
    Catalog downloaded but not yet installed

    In addition, the tabular overview informs you of the catalog Name, Info, Date Update, file Size, Date Local, Language and cip name.

    Icon in the column "Info"

    Entry in the key "ICONS"



    Only catalog excerpts available.


    This catalog contains products that are available as 2D geometry only.


    This catalog is created by the manufacturer itself (and not by CADENAS).


    This catalog has been automatically created via a BMEcat exchange format.


    This catalog has been automatically generated via STEP importer (Quick&Simple).


    This is a demo catalog.


    This is a PDF catalog.

    When selecting a catalog line, in the lower area, the tabbed pages Release Notes and Modification Details are displayed.

    Tabbed page Release Notes

    Please also regard the information icons:

    Due to technical reasons, the catalog was updated
    A new language was added or existing translations were reworked
    New series/products were added or modified

    Tabbed page Modification Details

    On the tabbed page Modification Details you can find all changed projects.

    [Note] Note

    BEFORE the installation you can see a precise breakdown of change details when downloading the catalog and not immediately installing. On this it is important to deactivate the option Install after download. Detailed information on this can be found under Section, “ Before the catalog installation Check and Compare ”.

    AFTER the installation you can see a detailed breakdown of the change information in PARTdataManager under Part selection -> History -> Installed catalogs. See Section, “Check project changes in detail (after the installation) ”.

  2. Under Versions, select one of the following options:

    • Keep all

      Optionally and not absolutely necessary.

      For example, you can also select “Number of versions >=2“

    • Only keep the new version

      Not recommended

    • Number of versions [2] (default)

      Please regard to set a value of 2 or higher.

      Especially for updates with LinkDB connection this is urgently recommended.[4]

    Optionally activate Save original files of new version.

    More information can be found under Section, “ Catalog versions ”.

  3. Carry out catalog selection

    Now you can check the desired catalogs for an update.

    The estimated download time for the current selection is displayed on the left side under the respective menu item.

  4. start catalog update:

    If you are happy with your selection, press the Download/install selected catalogs button and the update process begins.

    The view changes to the Download tabbed page.

    [Note] Note

    Install after download

    Optionally, you can deactivate Install after download.

    When you do not want to install the downloaded catalogs in the same course they remain in the "temp" directory which has been defined under Settings (Welcome tabbed page -> Settings -> PARTupdate assistant -> Temporary directory).

    Thus you have the opportunity to switch to Category Offline and to use the Check and Compare functions. Also see Section, “ Before the catalog installation Check and Compare ”.

    Up to installation the catalog is displayed with a blue icon in the catalogs listing.

    [Note] Note

    Copy after successful installation

    When checking the option determine a target path via search button .... The original CIP file is saved in this target path. Possibly you would like to install an older catalog version later by any reasons (testing purposes e.g.).

    [Note] Note

    If you did not select "cadenas_thread.cip" the following message appears:

    New CADENAS additional data available (f.e. thread definitions)

    It is recommended to perform this update or other catalogs might not work correctly.

    Select "Yes", in order to select the definitions and to start the catalog update, "No" in order to start the catalog update without the definitions or click "Cancel" in order to cancel the catalog update.

    Beside the latest thread definitions the file also contains the tag lists (TagCloud) for all catalogs. Compare Section, “Docking window "Details" ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual.

[3] If not restricted by configuration. See under Section, “partupdate.cfg ”.

[4] This setting is needed when replicating CADENAS_DATA from one to another location.