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4.17.2.  Try NT user authentication / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Login] -> Key "NTUSERAUTH"

Basic requirement for the use of this function is the operation of an adequate database such as MS-SQL or Oracle database for example.

Advantage: Through the user authentication the manual registration at the LinkDB is omitted.

Adjust settings within the Database login dialog box.

This is opened when clicking on the button Login to database in the ERP toolbar.

The user does not receive a login window! If the user only has one role, the role selection dialog also is omitted.

In order to engage the Windows user authentication, mark the Try windows user authentication checkbox after you have activated the option ERP environment in the Category tree.

Upon configuring the driver, the corresponding setting on the server has to be made.

Example MSSQL-Server:

  1. Open configuration window via START --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Administration --> Data sources (ODBC) --> Register System DSN --> Add / Configure --> 2nd settings window

  2. One should pay attention to the fact that the option "The standard database change to" is set and the responsible database is given.

  3. The appropriate username with the Windows NT authentication option must be applied in the database server.