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1.8.  PARTsynonym

By using the PARTsynonym editor, you can define and manage synonyms.

Synonyms defined by you are considered in the PARTdataManager when searching for keywords.

This way you can find projects that would not be found due to different spellings:

For example, enter:

  • Corrections of incorrect spelling

  • alternative search terms for company internal identifications

    Hexagon bolt, hex. bolt

    Dividing wall, safety fence

  • alternative search terms which describe similar things

    For example "Screw" or "Bolt"

Starting the Synonym Editor

Select PARTsynonym under Category.

Click on Start PARTsynonym!.

Modify synonyms


The data is saved under "$CADENAS_SETUP/synonyms".

Switch datasource

[Important] Important

Before editing the data source, make sure that the correct data source is selected!

Exit application
Toggle visibility of bidirectional entries.

Import synonyms form a CSV file

Via the Browse ... button you reach the corresponding file and choose the correct Separator and Sign of text identification in the pull-down menu and click on OK.

Show logs:

If you want to see the log file, activate the checkbox.

Apply new entry

Edit entry

Restore entry

With this you can restore deactivated keys. See the following comments under "Remove entry".

Remove entry

[Note] Note

Keys made available by the system can not removed, only deactivated.

In the activated state these show up in gray lettering; in the deactivated state they show up in red.

Information about incorporating synonyms

Course of the synonym search in the PARTdataManager:

Via the Search for synonyms button, the option is turned on/off in the PARTdataManager.

If the synonym search is active, the synonym database is queried before the actual Keyword search and then the search is carried out with all found terms. The NN (Standard number, NT (Standard text) and the directory names are searched through.

Immediately after starting the search, you are made aware of synonyms found in the dialog area to the right of the search term. It is possible that these are only visible in a tooltip when moving your cursor over them.

The following images show that when entering the word Wall also synonyms such as Barrier, Safety fence, Partition and Dividing wall are searched for.

Synonym Search activated in PARTdataManager

Synonym Search activated in PARTdataManager

[Important] Important
  • Evaluating the found synonyms is done exactly as with the entered keyword.

  • In order to find the synonyms in the synonym database, the exact spelling is crucial. With a spelling error such as scerw or a space s c r e w, synonyms that are based on the keyword screw cannot be found.

    If you want to assure that synonyms are also found with slight differences in spelling, make sure the derivatives have been entered explicitly.

Information about settings options in the configuration file can be found under Section, “ Key "KeySynonyms" - Synonym editor ”.