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2.2. CAD encompassing information

2.2.1. Syntax and concepts What are categories? Apply and use own categories Variable values - functions Interpretation of similar blocks with and without category Join blocks Configuring PARTsolutions interface menu and toolbar Use encrypted passwords in config file (9.04) Use macros
2.2.2. Set file name ("FileName" key) and pool path ("poolpath" key) Pool: flat or with subdirectories ("poolpath" key) File name: set generation options ("FileName" key) Reuse the V8.1 pools after migration to V9 File name with reuse of V8.1 pool Pool path for standard parts with reuse of v8.1 pool
2.2.3. Intelligent placement for standard parts
2.2.4. Attribute mapping User interface Structure of the block "AttributeMapping(is3d)" Value types Common hints for Attribute Mapping sections Examples Attribute mapping restricted to a special project Specify user defined attributes via categories Export standard attributes in several languages
2.2.5. Material mapping Material mapping without ERP integration Material name from the table Material mapping with ERP integration Background information Key "Material": Alternative methods Key "Material": Use input value as Fallback
2.2.6. Reverse AttributeMapping
2.2.7. Transfer attributes via CNS classification
2.2.8. General configuration file "ifacecommon.cfg" Block [Macros] Key "LEN_CHECK" Key "_CREATION_OPTION(" Block [UI] Key "DisplayCreationWarningLevel" Block [Placement] Key "PL_DisplayTrivialCases" Block [NativeCheckin] Key "IgnoreCheckinAttributes00" Key "ProcessDocumentState" Key "ProcessDimensions" Block [ClassMapping] Block [LOD] - Level of Detail Block [NoSection] Block [RAWMATERIALS]
2.2.9. MultiCAD information Avoid additional entries to the existing BOM

This section contains CAD encompassing needed theoretical information to set the keys (=setting options) and on the other hand exemplifying examples. Before changing any settings you should have read both the CAD encompassing information and the CAD specific information.

CAD specific information can be found under Section 2.3, “CAD specific information”. Via link of the following list you can directly jump to the desired CAD system. Here you will find more comprehensive information on some blocks and keys. Basic comments are found in the configuration files itself.