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4.8.4.  Adjust table values -> Adjust color with condition / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [COLMAPPING_<column name>] -> Key "COLORCOND<number>"

With the help of the option Adjust color with condition you can set a condition for the displayed value and map it to a color.

The setting applies for PARTdataManager and PARTlinkManager as well.

Setting in configuration file $CADENAS_SETUP/plinkcommon.cfg:

Block [COLMAPPING_<variable name>], key COLORCOND<NUMBER>, first value contains the condtion. Logical operators such as <, <=, >,>=, = can be used. The following values represent the color in RGB code.



Setting in user interface under PARTlinkManager -> Extras menu -> Configure dialog box -> PARTlinkManager preferences tab -> Adjust table values -> Adjust color with condition

Example for "PRICE" column:

Condition Color
PRICE > 20 red
PRICE < 10 green
(PRICE>=10).AND.(PRICE<20)) black

Display in PARTlinkManager

[Note] Note

The color depiction is the same in PARTdataManager.