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Manual  Configuration


# which driver should be used when CreateObject("DATABASE.ODBCDB") is called
# takes platform depending driver before the common one
# if no dbproxy.cfg is avalaible in $CADENAS_SETUP, the ODBC driver will be used
# calling CreateObject("DATABASE.JDBCDB") will definitivly use the JDBC driver, 
# if installed



If the file $CADENAS_SETUP/dbproxy.cfg is not available or was renamed, the ODBC driver is now used. Otherwise the driver is used which is entered under the section of the used operating system. The operating system identification is located in the environment variables OSNAME (Windows z.B. x86).

In the above example (standard installation) The JDBC driver is used for all other operating systems in Windows.



  • Server:

    Server name, on which the database is installed

  • ServerDB:

    Der instance name of the database. Oracle: SID

  • DriverClass:

    The name of the Java class file and the path to it

  • URL:

    Driver dependant connection symbol chain

In the example above (Standard Installation) the name PLINKDB is used for database connection. This name should also be set in the PARTlinkManager under Extras --> Configure ERP environment --> tab page Database (see following image).

Tab page "Database"

Tab page "Database"