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Manual  PARTadmin - Check | Compare | Install

Under PARTadmin -> category Catalog update -> Offline -> Check -> tabbed page Status you will get a list of all projects.

Here, you can see at once if project names changed.

  1. Check the catalog

    Click on the button Check.

    -> The dialog box Check is opened.

  2. Now you have the following options available:

    Here, in the example in hand the option Check CIP file is used. Select the tabbed page Status.

  3. Evaluate results of the check


    Symbol Meaning
    P Project
    T Table
    3 3D geometry
    = unchanged
    > updated
    x deleted
    ! new

    With the help of the list you get an overview how many projects are affected by changes.

    Make a note which projects are no more available („x“) – these can be looked at closely later.

    Have a look whether there is a matching project available at the new data („!“) (first glance) and make a note.

  4. Under PARTadmin -> category Catalog update -> Offline -> Compare you can see a Catalog comparison with directory structure and table. Changes of the directory structure can be seen at once.

    Click on Compare.

    -> The dialog box Catalog comparison opens.

    Click on Detailed comparison.

    -> The dialog box Catalog comparison opens.

  5. Evaluate results from the detailed comparison.

    In the comparison, you can recognize changes in directory structure, but also similarities in name.

    At changes of table values, these can be looked up directly in the comparison.

    Complement your notes accordingly.

  6. Install catalog

    [Important] Important
    • Please avoid to perform an update without being connected to LinkDB!

    • Performing updates with LinkDB connection pay attention that in the dialog area Versions, the option Keep all or Number of versions = 2 is selected. You can find this setting option both in Offline and in Online variant.

    1. Click on Install.

      -> The dialog box CIP Installation is opened.

      In this example we use option No - Install now. Information on option Yes - Check Catalog can be found under Section 4.16.2, “Standard check on problems with mapping LinkDB entries ”.

      -> Installation is running.

      Pay attention that in protocol dialog the message Updated link database is displayed.

      If this message does not appear, no connection had been established to link database.

    2. Initially do not click on the link "UpdateManager" under "There were mapping problems in the LinkDB. Please correct these in the UpdateManager.". For a better understanding let's have a look on the situation in PARTlinkManager. Changes are performed in Update Manager later as described under Section, “Editing in Update manager ”.

      So for now open PARTlinkManager and click on the button Query in order to update the view.

      In the filter field of the column PSOL Project, enter "catupdate_test*" in order to display only lines of projects to edit.

      [Note] Note

      By clicking on the icon Hide old versions of parts only the current versions are displayed. This means: Only those are displayed, which contain no version number in the project name.