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Manual  Export information (tooltip) at status lights - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "TOOLTIPTEXTEXPORTON" / "TOOLTIPTEXTEXPORTOFF"

[Note] Note

Tooltip displayed for exportable lines is role dependent, so has to be defined for each role separately.

Function: When moving the cursor over status lights in PARTdataManager the stated text is displayed.

Setting in configuration file $CADENAS_SETUP/plinkgroups.cfg:



Setting in the user interface under PARTadmin -> category Roles -> General tab -> Tooltip displayed for exportable lines

[Note] Note

If there are translations available, these are displayed in PARTdataManager.

The original entry is automatically applied on the Translations tabbed page. You can insert as many translation texts as desired.

More information can be found in the PARTsolutions manual under Registerseite Übersetzungen.

-> Display in PARTdataManager