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Chapter 1.  PARTdataCenter

Table of Contents

1.1. Article assignment (initial filling of LinkDB)
1.1.1. Start Activate PARTwarehouse service for Article assignment
1.1.2. User interface and processes at a glance
1.1.3. Create catalog from CSV file
1.1.4. Manual assignment
1.1.5. Dimension search - Automated assignment by standard information such as Standard number, dimension, material, etc. Dimension search from A to Z Preparation - Remove existing assignments Adding new process and settings Result Export into LinkDB Optional settings in the node "Class Filter" (data in one field) Optional settings in the node "Line Finder NENN"
1.1.6. Article Number Search - Automated assignment by order number Article Number Search standard procedure Article Number Search with regular expression
1.1.7. Attribute mapping Example 1 - Attribute mapping - Standard procedure Example 2 - Attribute mapping - Variants Automated assignment of variants Modify link Assign variants manually
1.1.8. Global text mapping
1.1.9. LinkDB export (Directly or via CSV file)
1.1.10. LinkDB Import
1.1.11. Functions, settings and symbols View menu Extras menu - Settings... PARTdataCenter Product view - Toolbar functions Product view - Context menu commands Product view - Column definitions and symbols Process view - Functions
1.2. PLM Synchro - Create your company parts catalog
1.2.1. Overview
1.2.2. PLM Synchro via PARTdataCenter Basic setup via wizard Distributed services General preconditions PARTdataCenter: Activation of distributed services Dashboard Units Preview images LinkDB Attributes Set up export for own parts managed by PDM Scripting General understanding Examples Example 1: Set import path via “pdmProxyPdmDocumentI“ Example 2: Set import path via “DTO“ Specific nodes Extrusion: Batch mode for extrusion of 2D parts Tips & Tricks Report node XML writer – XML reader XML Writer XML reader How to get attribute name PARTsolutions Exporter Query - Retrieve Download (additional files) Index update without Remote File System (RFS) Interface Proxy Configuration moved from ifacecommon.cfg to pcadmanager.cfg Custom algorithm AppServer Service: Authentication - Assign rights - Rights PARTapplicationServer Dashboard - Tasks CAD/PDM specific characteristics
1.2.3. Set-up PLM Synchro via plmsynchro.cfg
1.3. Structure/classify products
1.3.1. Overview Start / exit PARTdataCenter Connect to Server | Import | Commit | Download | Export Categories Attributes | Products | Structure Icons
1.3.2. Create new catalog
1.3.3. Import catalog Import catalog via CSV Import PARTsolutions catalog
1.3.4. "Attributes" category Add new attribute Document columns
1.3.5. "Products" category Display type Table | List | Tiles Add Product Edit documents in product
1.3.6. "Structure" category Create / move classes Create Class features Add / move (classify) products Import from CAD Move products / Classify Add PSOL project link Semi automatic classing with the help of Training-Sets Functionality Licensing Frame conditions Configuration of semi-automatic classing process Classing procedure Define product sort order Remove / Restore / Show history Show change history / Show history of products in subtree Revert local changes Revert committed changes Remove Class - Restore removed classes Remove product - Restore removed products Remove class assignment
1.3.7. Semi automatic classing with the help of Training-Sets Functionality Licensing Frame conditions Configuration of semi-automatic classing process Classing procedure
1.3.8. Export to PARTsolutions
1.3.9. Configuration
1.3.10. Roles / Rights
1.3.11. Background information on mapping logic between PARTwarehouse and PARTsolutions
1.3.12. Troubleshooting Set remote connection: No component displayed ERROR at data transfer
1.4. PARTdataCenter: Reference / General functions
1.4.1. Glossar
1.4.2. Pipeline Custom algorithm Single nodes
1.4.3. PARTapplicationServer Dashboard - Tasks Dashboard display: Preconditions and call Task details Example "TriggerFinishedEvent"
1.4.4. Regular expression

PARTdataCenter includes following functions / modules:

  • Article assignment (initial filling of the link database)

    Do you want to enhance part selection for Strategic Parts Management?

    Link your master data (material number, release status, material, surface, inventory, prices, etc.) with PARTsolutions catalogs.

  • PLM Synchro

    Create your company parts catalog

  • Structure/classify products

Explanations on superordinated functionality like zu übergeordneten Funktionalitäten wie Pipeline, Dashboard, etc. finden Sie unter Section 1.4, “ PARTdataCenter: Reference / General functions”.